About Us

Breakbulk Logistics Ltd. was established in distinction to the idea that businesses and individuals need the potential to import Dry, Frozen and Chilled cargo in any quantity while obtaining personalized service from working closely with a management team. Our model enables small businesses to import for the first time without having to fill an entire container load, and large companies to maneuver surplus and diversify product selection by introducing and sampling new brands.

With main offices attached to our Bonded Warehousing, we accommodate a dynamic range of shipping and logistical solutions including but not limited to LCL and FCL containerized freight for Dry, Frozen and Chilled cargo shipments via Ocean or Air, cold storage facilities for temperature controlled items, 24 hour customs clearance, and online cargo tracking. Located on the runway of Piarco International Airport at the Aviation Business, Ltd. Compound, clients clear and promptly receive their Air and Ocean freighted goods at any hour of the day or night.

BreakBulk’s management team utilizes a network of transport agencies to present clients with a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions. Our hands-on approach to working with customers ensures that responses, documentation, and container offloading is done in a convenient manner. We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace as Trinidad’s only shipping company that will consolidate Dry, Frozen and Chilled Cargo from as little as a single pallet.  Supermarkets, vendors, retailers, and distributors have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by importing for the first time at Less than a Container Load.

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